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Yin yoga targets the deep connective tissues bones, joints, fascia and ligaments in the body. As we age, our bones begin to degenerate, we lose mobility in our joints and the fascia tightens.

The long-held postures (1-5 mins) invite us to be muscularly unengaged targeting the deep connective tissues. Paul Grilley describes yin yoga as ‘ stretching the bones’

You come into the pose at your appropriate edge in a non-aggressive way, allowing the breath to remain slow while gravity sinks you down into the mat releasing tension. Yin yoga has positive effects on our physiological, energetic, psychological, emotional, spiritual and mental well- being and helps our more hectic yang lifestyles. Surrendering into a yin practice forces us to slow the mind and body down which has far-reaching benefits.

The mind is constantly bombarded with stimuli 24/7 and the mind is busy processing all that information around the clock. The more stimuli we receive the more we crave, it never ends.

Yin yoga brings together peace and harmony in a less dynamic way than other forms of movement. i.e, anything that requires the muscles to heat up to protect the connective tissues underneath. This is great and we get our stimulus fix while relaxing and stretching the body at the same time. But, unless we are at that degree of moving whilst being at one with the universe at the same time the mind doesn't get a break. So hence tension builds in every aspect of our bodies.

So if your over-tired, over-stimulated, your energy is erratic and overactive, yin style yoga fits the bill. We can take time out on the yoga mat to assess the body whilst addressing our emotions which are usually suppressed, irrational anxieties and fears can be released in a calm environment which ultimately releases pent up tensions in the body, bringing a feeling of elongation and flexibility as we gently without rush or ego hold the postures in a peaceful way.

There are are many forms of yoga and hundreds of postures. However, yin yoga postures are designed to be held for a longer period than other forms of yoga which if applied to a more active style would not be applicable and generally unsafe. However, as all things in the universe are made up of yin and yang we need to introduce more yin style activity into our busy over-stimulated yang lifestyles. And find some calm.

Hope to see you on the mat :)




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