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Practicing yoga during pregnancy will allow you to bond with your unborn baby and help you to understand and manage the physical and emotional changes that you are experiencing throughout your unique journey to motherhood. Cristal Yoga Pregnancy classes are designed with the changes you may experience during pregnancy in mind, offering tailored movements to help you build strength and stamina for your labour. The classes will also help you to develop breathing techniques for the birth of your baby and to bring about a relaxed state of mind with ease. In the sessions we will explore practical ways to prepare your body, using movements to help with common prenatal complaints such as pelvic girdle pain, tiredness and anxiety. On an emotional level, pregnancy yoga will prepare your mind and spirit for the birth of your child and help you to have an empowering birthing experience. In short, here is a list of the effects you will benefit from by attending a Cristal Yoga Pregnancy class:


Increases energy levels
Decreases anxiety
Strengthens birthing muscles
Improves sleep
Reduces back ache
Improves circulation
Encourages postnatal recovery


Classes are suitable from 14- weeks and are for all levels of ability regardless of whether you’ve had a strong practice in the past or if you’ve never set foot in a class before! Pregnancy yoga will help you to nurture yourself and your baby and is a great way to meet other mums-to-be that are going through similar experiences.


For more info, please contact Cristal on 07774 222107



6pm - 7:00 pm

£8 - £10

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