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Charlotte Rintoul runs the Baby Bond Classes at Fairways Community centre since September 2015.   The classes, which run in five-week cycles, are small and very friendly and they offer huge benefits for both Mum and Baby.


Charlotte runs three classes:


Baby Massage – this is suitable from birth until the baby is crawling.  In these sessions, we focus on one area of the body each week building up to a full body massage by week four.  It is a calming class with a focus on bonding and allowing new parents to meet others that are going through the same life-changing experience of having a baby, whether it is the first or the third a new baby is a major adjustment for the whole family.  For the baby the benefits of baby massage are well-documented aiding, digestion, circulations, rhythmic respiration, cognitive development and inducing restful sleep.



Baby Yoga – this is suitable from 8 weeks to when the baby is sitting.  This is a super fun class which includes:  Baby Yoga exercises, teaching babies about what their bodies can do with lots of rhymes and songs,  some sensory and instrument play with themed weeks following the time of year.  We also have some time for Mum to do some yoga stretches at the end of the class; however, the majority of the focus is on Baby in these sessions. 


Explorers’ Hour – this class is for babies who can sit and are on the move whether it be rolling or crawling and even walkers are welcome with a maximum age of 3 years. These sessions are focused on fun, fun, fun and are fast paced classes encouraging baby’s independence and instinct to explore different textures and sounds.  In these sessions we also introduce repetition and routine with the same song structure for the five week cycle.  Little people start to recognise where they are and what is happening and anticipate what will happen next.  Exercises,   swings and lifts, storey time, sensory and instrument play with free play with different equipment all make up these sessions.

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