Taught by Rachel Quinn, this Pilates class strengthens and stabilises your core body, which is your foundation, so that you can move efficiently while improving your posture, flexibility, and mobility. Each class lasts 45 minutes and includes a range of mobility work, strength work, and of course - lots of working that core!


Each Pilates session will keep you engaged, focused and challenged. Even the most simple exercises can be a challenge if done with thought and control. As well as toning, improving strength, flexibility, coordination, and posture, you're guaranteed to feel less stressed and have an uplifting sense of well-being at the end of every class.


The class is suitable for all ages and abilities, as variations are given for each exercise to cater for different levels.

With a maximum of 15 people per class, the class size is kept small so that Rachel is able to get around to check that everyone is ok and performing moves correctly.


Rachel has been practicing Pilates for over 15 years and is a Level 3 mat qualified Pilates instructor.



For more info, please contact Rachel on 07944 660040



1.30pm - 2:15 pm

£5.50 - £6.50


Hoylake Avenue, Newcastle upon Tyne NE7 7UN

Email: jeanettevasey@me.com

Phone: +44 07912206343

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