Euchi Ryu Karate


Euchi Ryu ("oo-chi-roo") Karate is a fast and effective art of self-defence,   The style encompasses powerful strikes, blocks, locks, escapes, and more, making it highly relevant to the modern world.

Taught by Sensei Tony Brush, who has been training in various martial arts since the early 90s, and Euchi Ryu since 2002, and currently holds a second degree black belt in this style.

Prior fitness is not a requirement - the training will get you fit. Neither is prior experience in martial arts - newcomers are very welcome.  All that is needed is a good attitude towards training.

What to wear: initially, loose, comfortable gym clothes.  If you become a regular member, a white gi (karate suit) will be required. We train barefoot; jewellery must be removed during training, and finger and toe-nails kept short for safety.  You may wish to bring a water bottle - no glass please.

We train effectively within safe limits, at a level appropriate for each student.

The minimum age for this class is 18 years.

Space is limited and prior booking is essential. 



For more information and booking, please contact:



8.30pm - 9:30 pm

£7 - First lesson free


Hoylake Avenue, Newcastle upon Tyne NE7 7UN


Phone: +44 07912206343

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